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Summer is right around the corner!

Once again, we thank all of you for your patience as we prepare for the magic of Bruin Woods to return to Lake Arrowhead this summer. We hope this information will address the most pressing questions your family has before arrival.

We will be hosting a Bruin Woods 2021 “Office Hour” on Wednesday, May 19th from 7 – 8pm for adult guests. If you have any additional questions, we encourage you to drop-in.

Zoom ID: 940 9726 1266


The information below is subject to change based on shifting guidelines at the UCLA and state level, but represents our best approximation of what policies to expect in relation to your reservation, COVID-mitigation efforts, and your week at Bruin Woods.

Your Reservation

Room and Week Assignments have been issued to all 2021 families with their expected family fee. You may begin to make your payments today using the Bruin Woods Payment Link on our website. If you’d like to pay over the phone by credit card, please prepare for longer-than-usual wait times.

Full payment is due before June 1 to confirm your reservation. There will be no refunds after this date.

Although we plan to adhere to all COVID mitigation guidelines, we understand that this year’s reservation may have greater uncertainty for your family than previous years.

The following options are available for you:

  • Skipping the 2021 Summer  If you wish to cancel your reservation, you will not have priority in 2022 and your room will be offered to a family from our extensive waitlist. However, we will prioritize your family for replacement in 2022 ahead of first-time applicants.
  • Insuring your Payment with Trip Insurance* – We know there are many options and you are free to use any trip insurance company you like. As an added service to you, please review this information from Meyer and Associates, a partner of UCLA Bruin Woods, about the various travel insurance options they offer. While these coverages include a variety of benefits, no policy can insure against every risk. Therefore, please read the enclosed material carefully. To be eligible for some critical features, like preexisting condition waivers and cancel for any reason, coverage must be purchased very soon after the date of this email. And, you must not be disabled from travel when you purchase insurance. For more details, visit
    *Meyer & Associates will request your expected family fee from your folio and the DOB for all attendees when preparing your quote
Meyer and Associates
(866) 679-7836
**The Bruin Woods Front Desk Team will not be able to answer questions related to trip insurance

Your Safety
Once again, the information below is subject to change based on shifting guidelines at the UCLA and state level.

Vaccination & Testing Requirements
We plan to check proof of vaccination for all guests arriving for their week at Bruin Woods. Guests who do not show proof of vaccination will be required to participate in a testing program that may include bringing proof of a negative test or participation in an onsite testing program. In addition, added COVID mitigation protocols will be expected of unvaccinated guests. More information will be provided prior to your stay as guidelines change.

Unvaccinated minors will follow current guidelines around childcare, recreational sport activities, and other applicable guidelines. Cohorting by age group will be an important part of the Bruin Woods kids’ group program this summer.

COVID Mitigation “Social Contract”
In order to provide the highest-quality program for our guests while keeping everyone safe, we are asking that a family representative sign and return the Bruin Woods COVID Mitigation “Social Contract” to acknowledge your entire family’s role in understanding and complying with Bruin Woods COVID-mitigation policies in place during your stay. It will take everyone’s effort to ensure a safe, fun-filled summer and your support is critical in helping the Bruin Woods team execute this year’s program.

Your Week
We know many families are anxious to find out how COVID mitigation may affect the summer program. Here’s a helpful guide for what changes to expect this summer:

What to Expect

  • Bruin Woods Program – Your favorites hosted outside by UCLA Student Staff members ready to make your week extra special!
  • Larger programs will be hosted outdoors until 10 pm. If allowed, limited indoor programming will be hosted indoors. Informal use of indoor space will be allowed with occupancy limits.
  • Anticipated programs, with modifications, include (but are not limited to): Opening Show, Scavenger Hunt, Survival Games, Music & Dance Revue, Family Talent Show, Margaritaville, Bingo, Movie Nights, Team Trivial Pursuit, Book Club, Faculty Lectures, Beer & Wine Tasting, Triathalon, Hikes, Softball and more!
  • Activities including waterfront, hiking, mountain biking, archery, ropes course, Frontier Village and pool activities will be offered with modifications.
  • Brand new Arts & Crafts and Fitness classes will be offered.
  • All programs will adhere to current guidelines including social distancing, masking, etc.
  • Food Service – Expanded dining times, action-stations, additional outdoor seating and a served-buffet.
  • Kids’ Groups – Student staff counselors will be facilitating regular daytime kids’ programming with modifications centered around cohorting.
  • Honor Bar – Access to limited individual beverages all day with expanded full-service staffed hours.
  • Guest Rooms – Enhanced cleaning efforts for peace-of-mind. Please anticipate the potential for later check-ins and earlier checkouts on Saturday.

What NOT to Expect

  • Overnights – While kids’ groups will still have Sunday night activities, we will not be scheduling overnights with kids’ groups this summer.
  • Offsite Trips – Because we cannot control the COVID-mitigation efforts of other Mountain Community businesses, offsite trips will be limited.
  • Lake Access [unrelated to COVID] – The Arrowhead Lake Association (ALA) has tightened rules regarding lake access for non-residents, including our guests. While waterfront activities will continue to be offered, lake trail access will be restricted.
  • Bruin Woods Programs – Traditional programs that feature food preparation (e.g. Bruin Chef) or other activities where necessary COVID mitigation efforts can not be accomplished will not be hosted this summer.

We cannot wait to bring back the tradition of Bruin Woods this summer and thank you in advance for understanding that the impacts of COVID-19 will result in some changes to our traditions. The entire Bruin Woods staff can’t wait to welcome you back this summer! Remember to attend our “Office Hours” Zoom Session this Wednesday at 7pm if you have questions about these announcements.