Girl catching fish from Lake Arrowhead
Man dancing in front of the main lodge
Visitor climbing the rock wall at the conference center.
Two guest diving out of a boat, doing a back-flip into Lake Arrowhead.
Man jetskiing in Lake Arrowhead
Group of water polo players in the pool.
A dance event at the conference center with everyone dressed as 1920 flappers.
Children playing in the water on the shor of Lake Arrowhead
Mother and daughter engaging in a painting activity.
Open-mic event with two guests singing.
Two men holding each other while diving into the pool.
A group of rock-climbers at the summit of a mountain.
Two boys with life jackets on near the pool.
A view of the shore of Lake Arrowhead.
A girl yelling in joy at the camera with life jacket on outside the pool.
A group of diners posing with the chef.
A young boy and her mom posing with Joe Bruin on the lawn.
A mother and her infant son posing with joy at the camera.
Two guest kayaking in the lake.
Two boys and their mother smiling as they have exited the pool.
A group of visitors lying down and looking up on the lawn, in the figure of a circle.
A guest engaging in a pottery activity.
A mother kissing her daughter on the cheek.
Three young girls posing at the camera with smiles on their faces.
A group of kids throwing balls at the camera and laughing in joy.
A group of children roasting marshmallows around a campfire.
A group of visitors posing after playing volleyball.
A drone looking down at the outdoor of the pool area as it ascends.
A group of bikers posing alongside their bikes at the top of a mountain.
Children and two adults with their hands up posing with joy at the camera on the sand of the beach at Lake Arrowhead.
Two guests with paper crowns on posing with certificates having accomplished a feat.
Two girls with their hands up and smiles on their faces posing at the camera.
A young man and woman looking at each other and smiling on a swing near the Zen Deck.
Four women of different ages and generations smiling at hte camera.
A man making a layup while playing basketball.
A group of kids smiling at the camera from a pioneer wagon.
Video of a man diving into the pool.
Two women doing yoga.
Group of mountain bikers on the peak of a mountain.
Group of kids with life jackets on a boat.
Two kids with UCLA basketball jerseys on posing for the camera sitting on bleachers.
Group of parents and kids smiling at the camera.
Two boys smiling at the camera.
Kid swinging a bat while playing softball.
Two women and a child in the pool with women playing cards on a floating table.
Group of kids playing and building an adult in the sand.
Young child smiling at the camera.
Kids with bow and arrows practicing archery.
A 1920s event with a man playing guitar and he and the woman next to him dressed as flappers.
A group of men running into the shore of Lake Arrowhead.
A group of adults and kids at night dancing.
Two men on a rock.
Man diving into the lake.
Group of kids posing for the camera.
Two adults and three kids smiling at the camera.
Group of kids on the shore.
Group of kids on a hammock smiling.
Family of two adults and two young kids smiling at the camera.
Happy guests at the conference center smiling at the camera.
A group of teenagers wearing sunglesses and posing at the camera.
Group of kids and one adult smiling at the camera while laying on the ground on grass.
Adult holding a large flag that says
Sunset along the lake with boats and the shoreline with tress in the distance.
An older couple smiling at the camera.
A group of bikers on a biking trail in an arid environment.
Group of kids in the back of a speed boat on the lake.
A mother and her daughter posing in front of the camera.
A group of kids having fun in the pool.
A family dining outside for a picnic on a large table during a barbecue.
Group of teenagers paddleboarding.
Group of children smiling and posing near the pool.
Group around a black-jack table playing and smiling at the camera for a Casino event.
Man diving into the pool
An older couple dancing in front of the camera.
Man and woming dancing among guests in front of a camera.
Group of kids smiling at the camera.
Child dancing for a crowd on the stage.
Child dribbling a soccer ball going to score a goal.
Group of kids making a human sundae
Couple hugging each other and smiling at the camera.