Summer 2023 FAQs

Q: I reserved my week for summer 2023 before the Bruin Woods program was canceled. Can I still come to Bruin Woods with my family during the same week next summer?

Yes. All guests are invited and have the option to reserve a week-long package for you and your family for the same week that they originally booked for summer of 2023.

Q: Are there any programmatic changes to Bruin Woods 2024?

Yes. Our program will now span six days, from Saturday through Friday. This will allow us to provide necessary down time for our student counselors and staff, enhance staff training and enable more opportunity to implement improvements. Recognizing that many families may want to continue to enjoy a full week at Lake Arrowhead, we are delighted to offer an optional seventh day (Friday night through Saturday) for families for an additional fee who wish to extend their stay. On this day, there will not be any scheduled programs available, but families can participate in activities on the property together, such as arts & crafts, bike rentals, tennis, basketball, pickleball, volleyball, and pool time with certified lifeguards will be available. On this day, children must be supervised by their parents or guardians at all times. We will also continue to provide a three-meal buffet and dining at the Bear & Grill for your enjoyment.

Q: Is the cost of the new packages the same as it would have been for Bruin Woods?

No. Because the length of the program has been shortened, we’ve adjusted pricing.

Q: Will non-UCLA alumni be invited to Bruin Woods?

We very much anticipate filling Bruin Woods with only UCLA alumni. However, if space remains available for any given week, we will offer UC affiliates to participate in the program to ensure that the property is fully utilized.

Q: Is the price all inclusive or do I have to pay to use the amenities of the property like the Arts & Crafts center or kayaking?

The price is all inclusive for the six days and includes adult, children and family programming and use of our 50-acre facility, including, tennis, pickleball, kayaking, pontoon cruising, swimming at the pool, volleyball and board games. It also includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some additional activities, like arts & crafts, and dining at the Bear & Grill and the North Shore Tavern, will have supplemental charges. We also will have movies and other complimentary activities on certain scheduled days over the course of the summer.

Q: Do I have to book or re-book for the entire six days or can I come for a shorter period?

Guests will be required to book for the entire six day program. The seventh day (Friday night through Saturday) will be optional at an additional fee for those who wish to extend their stay.

Q: Can I book the same room configurations I had for my previous Bruin Woods reservation?

If you previously had a reservation, you will have the opportunity to include this request on the Priority Reservations form when those are issued.

Q: What happens to my deposit and first payment if I want to cancel, can I get a full refund?

Any guests who have submitted their deposit and/or first payment will automatically be refunded.

Q: What type of summer activities will be available?

We are excited to offer adult, children and family programming and use of our 50-acre facility, including, tennis, pickleball, kayaking, pontoon cruising, water skiing, fishing, swimming at the pool, hiking, volleyball, board games and an array of sporting activities and outdoor games for families. Age restrictions may apply for certain activities.

Q: Will there be babysitting available this summer?

Private childcare services offered by Bruin Woods staff will no longer be available. Families will be able to participate in new group child care programs that will have corresponding hours with evening programming for older guests. Activities and facilities will also be available for all guests to participate in or use at their leisure. External paid babysitting services are available locally.

Q: Will any of the traditional Bruin Woods programs be offered, like scavenger hunts, theme dinners or talent shows?

Most of our previous event programming that was provided will be offered this upcoming summer, however some programming will be modified. Q: Will the Bear & Grill be open? Yes. The Bear & Grill will be open. Hours will vary based on program activity and will resemble hours from previous Bruin Woods summers. Q: Will my priority reservation for the same weeks be honored for future Bruin Woods summers? We plan to have Bruin Woods continue for future generations of Bruins, though it will evolve as needed to be sustainable, inclusive and of value for our visiting families over the decades to come. The Alumni Association will be forming an advisory committee to gather valuable input and feedback on expanding access and diversity to the Bruin Woods program for future years. The committee will be made up of representatives from our diverse UCLA Alumni members, and will include some representation from our dedicated returning and waitlist families.